Author Talk: Choose somebody else

Author Talk: Choose somebody else

“Oh Lord, I know we are the Chosen People but just for once couldn’t you choose somebody else?” is an old plea, heartsick yet ironic, and with it these stories lift off on their journey around the world. An enthralling, entertaining and compelling collection of short stories redolent of the great Yiddish storytelling traditions in tone and style: tackling life’s questions, big and banal, with an evocative, humorous and thought-provoking authority. The stories are discrete but connected by their representations of various generations of the tormented.

Yvonne Fein is the daughter of Holocaust survivors, an experience that drove her to write about the fallout creatively, to investigate it academically and seek answers from religion unsuccessfully. Her essays, articles, reviews and short stories (six of which appear in this collection) have been published in Australia, the US and the UK in over 15 journals, newspapers and anthologies. ‘Weintraub’s Disorder’ and ‘Taunting the Abyss’ were nominated for the Pushcart Prize in 2017.

Join Yvonne Fein and Leah Justin (Jewish Museum of Australia) to discuss this extraordinary collection of short stories!

Tuesday 24th April at 2pm
Lamm Jewish Library of Australia
304 Hawthorn Rd
Caulfield South
VIC 3162

Free event
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