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Write Your Story books for sale

Author Book Title Cost
Voices from the Melbourne Jewish Community  40.00
Memory Guide My Hand Volume 6 25.00
Memory Guide My Hand Volume 5 10.00
Memory Guide My Hand Volume 4 10.00
Memory Guide My Hand Volume 2 20.00
Ajzen, Chaim Chaim Ajzen remembers 20.00
Ajzner, Hania Hania’s War 25.00
Antman, Fred Tale of Three Cities 25.00
Antman, Fred The Red Carpet of Love 25.00
Barclay, Henry Run Henry Run 25.00
Berguer, Guena Gitana 10.00
Boas, Bernard A. The Five Books Of Boas 10.00
Borenstein Henry All alone 10.00
Censor, Maria Letters To My Mother 10.00
Cooper, Leo The Long Road to the Lucky Country 28.00
Collins, Ros Solly’s Girl 30.00
Susie Cymbalist Susie’s Story: Surviving in Budapest 25.00
Ekstein, Elka Chutzpe un draystkayt 20.00
Engel, Harry From There to Here 30.00
Fabian, Garry A Look Back Over My Shoulder 25.00
Factor, Andy In harmony with pen and pencil 30.00
Fischl, Erica Multiple Sclerosis  – The Trespasser 25.00
Freedman, Emmy & Lipshutz, Judy Return to sweetness 25.00
Gersten, Dora Memoirs of a certain period in our lives 25.00
Ginzburg, George A Will to Live 35.50
Goldrei, Naomi The Champions Of My Childhood 25.00
Grinblat, Ian Nachum Zalman Gurewicz: A Life 25.00
Gurewicz, Shmuel Mr. G. 40.00
Gust, Itzhak Such Was Life 28.00
Guttmann, Peter A Life Journey 25.00
Haberfeld, Lusia Lauferin : The Runner Of Birkenau 25.00
Kempler, Sonia The Wheels of Memory 25.00
Kolt , Judy Tell it to the squirrels 25.00
Korn, Henri Saviours 20.00
Kozminsky-Meyerowitz M Keeping the Promise 25.00
Landau, Alice Snippets from my Family Album 30.00
Lawner, Helen Surviving the Warsaw Ghetto 30.00
Lehrer, Shoshanna New Beginnings 10.00
Levy, Magda My Heart’s Journey 10.00
Lewkowicz, Berek A Boy from Bedzin 10.00
Marks, Eva A Patchwork Life 25.00
Max, Helen Searching For Yesterday 29.00
Morris, Danny Behind the Fence 20.00
Olenski, Luba A Life reclaimed 25.00
Opat, Ken The Opat-Mecoles Story 40.00
Pampel, Margot As Chance would have it 25.00
Reichman, Mara Spared for a purpose 10.00
Robin, Moshe and Stefa Stepping Into Life 25.00
Rosenberg, Elfie Serry And Me 25.00
Ross, Rita The Sum of Three 35.00
Roth, Marianne An Intricate Collage 15.00
Rubin, Wolf Wolf-Surviving By Art 25.00
Sharpe, Annita Escape To Les Vignes 25.00
Schimmel, Marilyn Pola’s story 25.00
Searle, Freda Memory’s Wings And Apron Strings 20.00
Solomon, Geulah My Life, My History, My Legacy 25.00
Skurnik, Lilly The Colours of Life: Living Blind 25.00
Steinbok, Fela My Life 25.00
Stern, Max My Stamp on Life 25.00
Stone, Nina Born to Survive 20.00
Wagowska, Halina(Strnad) People and Places in War and Peace 25.00
Wright, Sue A Ballad by Johannes Brahms 25.00
Zimmerman, Sue Like Streams in the Negev 30.00
Zylberman, Halina Swimming Under Water 25.00