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Aldor, Gertrude Mayer: From the Danube to the Yarra

Aldor, Gertrude Mayer: From the Danube to the Yarra

by Gertrude Mayer Aldor 

In this memoir Gertrude ‘Trude’ Mayer Aldor recounts the momentous events that took her from a comfortable childhood in Bratislava,  Czechoslovakia, through near death experiences during World War Two, to her experiences in Switzerland, England, France, and finally a full and satisfying life in Melbourne, Australia.

Trude’s wartime experiences were truly remarkable: caught trying to sneak into Hungary from Czechoslovakia; speaking to the ‘Angel of Death’ in Auschwitz, who told other women who knew her to look after her; saved from dying in a factory camp in Freiberg by a German doctor; being transported to Mauthausen in the very last days of the war and returning home so weak that she could not walk and could barely hold a spoon.

Ultimately, however, Trude’s story is about far more than her war years. It is the story of a strong, intelligent, and courageous woman, the people she held most dear, and the life that she and her husband, Richard, fashioned in Melbourne, Australia.