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Wroby, Godel: My Battle for Survival

Wroby, Godel: My Battle for Survival

by Godel Wroby

Godel Wroblewski grew up in a tiny Polish farming community, so poor that if someone bought  a whole herring in was an  occasion. Nevertheless it was a joyful place, lush and green, the roads lined with cherry trees. Then came war, during which Godel lost his entire family. He was sent to the Lodz ghetto, where he exchanged himself for a man bound for the Hasag lager at Skarzysko-Kamienna. He also spent time in Buchenwald and Schlieben before being liberated from Theresienstadt.

Diagnosed as tubercular, Godel spent three years at the luxurious Bella Lui sanatorium in Switzerland before coming to Melbourne. He changed his name to Wroby and in due course Godel and his brother-in-law established one of the best-known kosher chicken businesses in the country.


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