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Books for sale

The following books, published by Makor and other publishers, are available for sale at the library. Mostly new, and some are used, selling at reduced price.

Author Book Title Price Used
Voices from Melbourne Jewish Community – 2nd print 40
Memory Guide My Hand Volume 6 25
Memory Guide My Hand Volume 5 10
Memory Guide My Hand Volume 4 10
Memory Guide My Hand Volume 2 20
Memory Guide My Hand Volume 1 10
Abrami, Janka Zat izz apples, Sir’ 20
Ajzen, Chaim Chaim Ajzen remembers 20
Ajzner, Hania Hania’s War 25
Alon, Dan Munich Memoir 25
Altman, Kitia Memories Of Ordinary People 10 Used
Amir, Eli Tarnegol Kaparot 10
Antman, Fred Tale of Three Cities 25
Antman, Fred The red carpet of love 25
Arnestein, Lenke Recurring dreams 10
Bandman, Ken A palette of Artists 25
Barclay, Henry Run Henry Run 25
Berguer, Guena Gitana 10
Blay, Anna Not Paradise 28
Bloom, Myer Sephardi narratives from Australia 40
Blum/Shapira Illegal Harmonies 20
Boas, Bernard A. The Five Books Of Boas 10
Borenstein Henry All alone 10
Brand, Dvorah-Leah The Jewish cyclical year 25
Braun, Emil IntoTheLight 25
Censor, Maria Letters To My Mother 10
Collins, Ros Solly’s Girl 30
Cooper, Leo The Long Road to the Lucky Country 28
Cymbalist, Susie Susie’s Story: Surviving in Budapest 25
Cyngler, Danka & Henry Going Through Fire without getting burnt 30
Descendants of the Shoah Don’t Teach Me – I’m Perfect 35
Ekstein, Elka Chutzpe un draystkayt 20
Elton (Elbaum), Zyga Destination Buchara 25
Engel, Harry From There to Here 30
Erlanger, Arnold Choose Life 25
Fabian, Garry A Look Back Over My Shoulder – 2nd ed 25
Feiglin, Aaron Growing Up with The Trees 10 Used
Feniger, S Long memories 25
Fischl, Erica Multiple Sclerosis  – The Trespasser 25
Flicker, Ursula Ursula’s story 10
Freedman, Emmy & Lipshutz, Judy Return to sweetness 25
Friedmann, Jakob Reluctant Soldier 10 Used
Gardner, Helen My mother’s child 10 Used
Gersten, Dora Memoirs of a certain period in our lives 25
Gimsey, Susan While I Was There… and Now 30
Ginzburg, George A Will to Live 36
Goldrei, Naomi The Champions Of My Childhood 25
Goldstein, Guta  There Will Be Tomorrow 10 Used
Gray, Gary A Spoonful of Soup 25
Grinblat, Ian Nachum Zalman Gurewicz: A Life 25
Gurewicz, Shmuel Mr G. 40
Gust, Itzhak Such Was Life 28
Guttman, Peter A Life journey 25
Haberfeld, Lusia Lauferin : The Runner Of Birkenau 25
Hearst, Susan The man who wasn’t there 40
Holocaust Museum Heirloom 25
Kaufmann, Myra and Sacks, Elena Andy Factor: In Harmony with Pen and Pencil 30
Kay, David as told to Ian Grinblat Tough kid : surviving Siberia in style 10 Used
Kempler, Sonia The Wheels of Memory 25
Kofman, Lee Dangerous Bride 25
Kolt , Judy Tell it to the squirrels 25
Korn, Henri Saviours 20
Korn, Henri My past is my future; Heirloom 20
Kozminsky-Meyerowitz M Keeping the Promise 25
Landau, Alice Snippets from my Family Album 30
Lawner, Helen Surviving the Warsaw Ghetto : a three generational perspective 30
Lederman, Celia Becoming Celia 25
Lehrer, Shoshanna New Beginnings 10
Leperere, Helen Memoirs and reflections 20
Levy, Magda My Heart’s Journey 10
Lewkowicz, Berek A Boy from Będzin 10
Liberman, Serge The Storyteller 25
Liberman, Serge Voices from the corner 20
Liberman, Serge A Universe of clowns 20
Liberman, Serge The life that  I have led 20
Liberman, Serge The battered and the redeemed 20
Liberman, Serge On firmer shores 20
Liberman, Serge Where I stand 25
Lipski, Sam & Suzanne D Rutland Let My People Go 30
Makler,  Irris Hope Street, Jerusalem 25
Mandelbaum, Rae Echoes from the past 15
Marks, Eva A Patchwork Life 25
Max, Helen Searching For Yesterday 29
Melb. Jewish Male Choir CD 25
Merron, David Collectively Yours 17
Mitchell, James Henry Krongold Memoirs 25
Mittelberg, David “Ben shnai olamot” – Between two worlds 10
Morris, Danny Behind the Fence 10
Morris, Moshe Carlton and Other Love Stories 25
Neuhauser, M A Message to Eternity 25
Olenski, Luba A Life reclaimed : a child among the partisans 25
Opat, Ken The Opat-Mecoles Story :A Gift From My Archives 40
Pampel, Margot As Chance would have it 25
Pollak, Cynthia After the death of your child 30
Randles, Shirley No locked doors 10 Used
Reichman, Mara Spared for a purpose 10
Reisman, Kathy More than 9 lives 10
Rijsdijk, Mink van The Shoes of a foundling 10
Robin, Moshe and Stefa Stepping Into Life 25
Rosenberg, Elfie Serry And Me 25
Rosner. Maurie The Bell Tolls for Thee and Other Stories 25
Ross, Rita The Sum of Three 35
Roth, Marianne An Intricate Collage 15
Rubin, Wolf Wolf-Surviving By Art 25
Sandy, Kitty Long, Long Journey 20
Schimmel, Marilyn Pola’s story 25
Schwartz, Schmul Under Red Skies 10 Used
Schwartz, Tess The first of forty families 10 Used
Searle, Freda Memory’s Wings And Apron Strings 20
Sharpe, Annita Escape To Les Vignes 25
Skurnik , Lilly The Colours of Life: Living Blind 25
Solomon, Geulah My Life, My History, My Legacy 25
St Kilda Historical Soc. Hashomer Hatzair 15
Steinbok, Fela My Life 25
Steinbok, Fela Remember 25
Stern, Max My Stamp on Life 25
Stern, Max The Max Factor 25
Stone, Ann Not another one! 35
Stone, Nina Born to Survive 20
Sweetman, Hannah Here today, where tomorrow? 35
Taft. Ron My World   9015 7042 25
Tauber, Tova Out of the Ashes 20
Urbach, Eva Through Coloured Glass 25
Wagowska, Halina(Strnad) People and Places in War and Peace 25
Walder, Lajos We, the 25 letters of the alphabet 25
Ward, Shirley Put it on the slate 20
Wise, Blanka & Kamler Levine, Barbara Surviving 20
Wright, Sue A Ballad by Johannes Brahms 25
Wroby, Godel My battle for survival 10 Used
Zilberman, Max March into Life 30
Zimmerman, Sue Like Streams in the Negev 30
Zylberman, Halina Swimming Under Water 25