Window To Jerusalem – AuthorTalk with Eyal Avraham

Born and raised in Jerusalem, photographer Eyal Avraham moved to Melbourne in 2004, bringing with him a deep appreciation and passion for the land of Israel.

On his many return visits, Avraham would take his camera, capturing the essence of his home city with newfound appreciation.

Now, these incredible photos have been curated together in Window to Jerusalem, a stunning coffee-table book which Avraham hopes will shift people’s understanding of Jerusalem.

Join us, alongside Habayit, on March 22, as Hallely Kimchi sits down with Eyal to discuss Jerusalem’s beauty and the incredible journey that has been the making of this amazing book.

This incredible session will kick off from 12:00pm, Tuesday March 22 at the Lamm Jewish Library of Australia. Israeli food will be included.

Make sure to book via the button below to secure your place. Participants must be double vaccinated.