LJLA Learning with Paul Forgasz – Discovering the Jewish Jesus

The Lamm Jewish Library of Australia proudly presents a lecture by Paul Forgasz, renowned scholar of Jewish history and culture.

Explore the historical and cultural context of Jesus’ life and teachings in a captivating four-part lecture series.

Drawing on his expertise in Jewish history and culture, Forgasz will uncover the intersection of Judaism and Christianity and provide a deeper understanding of Jewish tradition that shaped the world in which Jesus lived.

Jesus was born and raised as a Jew and his teachings and beliefs were deeply rooted in Jewish tradition, including the Torah and the Talmud. Understanding the Jewish context of Jesus’ life and teachings is crucial for a fuller appreciation of his message and impact.

Paul Forgasz is a renowned scholar of Jewish history and culture. Known for his extensive knowledge of Jewish thought and tradition and his engaging lectures and publications, Paul has facilitated many events, most notably at the Jewish Museum of Australia.