LJLA Learning with Dr Seumas Spark – The Art of the Dunera Boys: New Treasures and Stories

The Lamm Jewish Library of Australia proudly presents a lecture by Dr Seumas Spark, Adjunct Research Fellow in History at Monash University.

Discover the untold story of the Dunera Boys as art unearthed from hidden collections offer a fresh perspective on the Dunera story – including rare insights into the trauma of internment and overlooked aspects of sexuality. Join us for this captivating lecture and experience the power of art to reveal new visions of history.

The Dunera Boys were a group of over 2,000 mainly German and Austrian refugees who were interned in Australia during World War II. Many of them were Jewish and had fled from Nazi persecution. Despite being designated as ‘enemy aliens,’ the Dunera Boys were eventually recognized as victims of persecution and allowed to remain in Australia after the war. The story of the Dunera Boys sheds light on the experiences of refugees and the challenges of internment during a time of global conflict.

A series of art pieces created by the Dunera Boys during their internment in Australia during World War II. Many were created in secret, as internees were not allowed to possess art supplies. Despite these limitations, the Dunera Boys produced a range of stunning works, including paintings, sculptures, and carvings. These artworks offer a unique and personal perspective on the Dunera story, and reveal new insights into the experiences of internment and persecution.

Dr Seumas Spark is an Adjunct Research Fellow in History at Monash University and a leading expert on the history of the Dunera Boys. He is the co-author of the two-volume history Dunera Lives and has extensive knowledge and expertise in the field.