A Life journey

Guttman, Peter


The blossoming of my family


Peter Guttmann’s life journey began in 1944 in Hungary. After the Nazis forced his father into labour camp, Peter and his mother were sent to the Budapest Ghetto. They all survived, to then face the difficulties of living in communist Hungary. Peter’s childhood was hard and often frightening but enriched by deep family love and a passion for soccer.  After the 1956 revolt in Hungary, Peter and his father fled under perilous conditions, while his mother faced even greater dangers to join them later in Austria. From there the family migrated to Australia.

Finding English hard to learn, Peter left school at thirteen and worked in various jobs, until training in his father’s profession of hairdressing. After marriage to his beloved Asia, the blossoming of his family became his greatest joy. Together they built a life together rich in family, friends and travel, often returning to visit family in Hungary. Peter’s love for his wife, their two children and their five grandchildren shines through the final chapters of the book and enriches this successful migrant story.