A Tale of three cities

Antman, Fred


Berlin, Shanghai, Melbourne.


Fred Antman dedicates this book to his mother, whose ‘foresight, fortitude and courage’ saved the family after Kristallnacht brought to an end their fortunate life in Berlin, when she found passage to Shanghai. Fred’s description of life in Shanghai, and later in its ghetto, is both lively and informative. We learn of his father, Samuel, serving as cantor (as he did in Berlin), of his school life, and of falling in love with Eva (his wife-to-be) when she was just eleven years old.

The Antmans migrated to Melbourne, where they established a leading brand of ladies’ coats and where Fred and Eva raised their three children.

Fred became a well-known radio personality and, as president of the Elwood Synagogue for over two decades, he continued the family tradition of serving the community.

A Tale of Three Cities proudly introduces the reader to the vibrant story of the Jewish communities in Berlin, Shanghai and Melbourne.