Alien roots

Jacobs, Anne

A German Jewish girlhood : from belonging to exile.


The tea party was not a success.

My friends had come to my party because the past was still so close. But although we talked of many things that afternoon, the things which were unsaid were the important ones; the rest was polite and artificial small talk between hostess and guests.

I was part of their past and that past was finished.

My friends were the new German youth: the pride, hope and fulfillment of a nation.

While Anne’s lucid story of her childhood in pre-war Germany is subtle, amusing and insightful, it also takes us to the dark heart of the political climate of the time, increasingly menacing and dangerous.

A rare and poignant book, it immerses the reader in a richly textured account which is as engrossing as it is clear-sighted.

An important personal and historical work.