From There to Here

Engel, Harry


Vienna to Australia: My life as a pharmacist & family man


Harry Engel was just a toddler when he and his parents arrived in Melbourne from in Vienna. Determined to build a new life and give their two sons the best education, Walter and Irene Engel worked very long hours. They were successful and in due course Harry attended prestigious Sydney Grammar School and later, the University of Sydney, from where he graduated as a pharmacist. His lovingly-written and detailed story tells of growing up in the suburbs, family holidays in the Blue Mountains and exciting times at school, especially in the Cadet Corps where he had the privilege of being addressed by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. National Service developed his interest in the military. His and Leone’s marriage in Brisbane was followed by a voyage to Europe. During the two years they spent in London, Harry worked as a pharmacist in the theatre district, while Leone worked at Australia House. Their trip back to Australia began with a wonderful camping holiday through Europe.
Back home, Harry worked as a pharmacist in Sydney and Brisbane, before enlisting in the Medical Corps of the Australian Army where he spent years doing valuable work. He also devoted great energy to Freemasonry and was appointed Master of his Lodge in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.
At the shining centre of his life is his admiration, love and respect for his wife, ‘my darling’. Blessed with two daughters and four grandchildren, Harry’s love for Leone only grows over time. In their grateful leisure years, they enjoy family reunions and relaxed cruises, as devoted to each other as the day they first met.