Multiple Sclerosis – the trespasser

Fischl, Erica


My story in prose and poetry.


Erica Fischl introduces herself to the reader as a cheerful, eager young woman on the brink of life. Her tales of childhood fun, meeting her husband and sharing a laugh about washing her hair seem such tiny moments, until we realise that Erica would soon no longer be able to rush about or even wash her own hair.

Her diagnosis becomes real to her only as her life is limited, but slowly Multiple Sclerosis claims virtually her entire body, though never her mind. Erica‛s poetry offers a whimsical view of her world. Her poem The Trespasser seeks to nail this terrible disease down once and for all.

Erica is a warrior in a wheelchair. She is generous and fearless in her descriptions of how the disease affects her, in the hope that by telling her story others may be helped, or at least better understood.