My heart’s journey

Levy, Magda


A Hungarian-Australian story


Magda Levy married Joe Hoffmann, her first husband and the father of her three children, in the small Hungarian village in which she had grown up. Having seen the war ravage their country, they were not prepared to stay on under communism. They set out across the snow, with their young daughter, for freedom in Austria, and finally reached Melbourne. They worked hard and gained success, until Joe’s tragic early death.

But life had more in store for Magda. Her second marriage to Yitzhak Levy was just as wonderful as her first, until he too was taken from her before his time.  Magda’s fortitude, her determination to provide for her children and to create a loving family, saw her through the dark times until she emerges as a joyful grandmother of seven, surrounded by warm friends and still enjoying good times.