Return to sweetness

Freedman, Emmy & Lipshutz, Judy


From glorious Vienna to bitter years in Siberia

Life was wonderful for Emmy Kindler as a child growing up in Vienna. In 1938, with the rise of Nazism evident and Hitler’s troops fast approaching Vienna, Emmy and her family fled in the dark of the night to Kraków.
What followed were years of hardship and terror as they fled the German soldiers, only to be captured by the Russians and placed in a slave labour camp to work in the relentless cold, snow and ice in Siberia. This is a story of strength and endurance and of a family living with hope that one day they would be reunited with their loved ones.

When Emmy’s daughter, Judy Lipshutz, found her mother’s unfinished memoirs she knew she had no choice but to fulfil her mother’s desire to let her grandchildren and great-grandchildren know her story. Guided by her mother’s writings, Judy researched places and events to add to the story Emmy had left behind. Emmy’s memoirs culminated not only in a book, but also a journey to Vienna for Judy, her husband, Jeff, and their three daughters, Elissa, Tammy and Andrea.