The Opat-Mecoles story

Opat, Ken


A gift from my archives.

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Ken Opat’s love for his family and their history is an inspiration to everyone who ever saved photographs, birthday cards and school reports. Over his lifetime he created an archive of thirty-six volumes containing family documents, photos, ephemera and memorabilia, and sixteen boxes of historical and sentimental objects. Extensive family trees and a wealth of detail provide an invaluable family resource for generations to come.

This is the story of two hard-working families who fled Poland and built successful lives in Australia, in business and in the professions. Opat shoes and Penrite Oil are household names, and Professor Geoffrey Opat’s work in physics is highly regarded worldwide. The close-knit family shared a farm at Gladysdale, a source of many adventures for Ken and his three brothers.

An accomplished sportsman, artist and musician, Ken writes that he never thought of himself as the lawyer he became, but the training shows in his attention to detail. A palpable warmth emanates from this book – Ken’s gift to his family.