Voices from the Melbourne Jewish Community 2021

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The 2021 Write Your Story Anthology.

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This anthology gives voice to the remarkable variety of experiences that make up the texture of the Melbourne community. Many of them reflect the fact that Australia had the highest percentage of Holocaust survivors of any diaspora Jewish community in the world. Each voice gives a picture of the family before the war, when life was sweet, so the reader knows what was taken away. Two photos accompany every contribution: when possible, one from the past and then a family group from the present – a celebration of the new life they were given.

Table of Contents and Contributors:

Ninety Years Over My Shoulder Abe Monester QC
Knowing What Is Enough Andrew Rajcher
Standing On My Own Two Feet Danielle Schilling
The Joy of Helping Others Debra Korman
Finding My Own Way Dorothea Josem
Becoming An Artist Eva Ermer
A Czech Story George Svenger
I Dreamt of a Bathroom Hanka Krauskopf
Finding My Yiddishkeit Joe Kaufman
Physician and Patient – My Life on Both Sides John Rogers AM
Sharing My Passion, Genealogy Liz James OAM
Getting Comfortable Marion Majzner
Journey of a Jewish Artist Victor Majzner
My Face Saved My Life Marta Hartman
A Headstone For My Father and My Brother Mary Herzog
Welcome To South Oakleigh Wildlife Shelter Michele Phillips OAM
Brotherly Love Milan Bierenkrant
Finding My Purpose Minna Lederberger
Welome To Golds World of Judaica Miriam Goldschmiedt
My Childhood In China Nora Vinson
Opal Essence Peter Cherny
The Kolliners and Their Magic Ring Peter Kolliner OAM
The Eshel Family Raizel Fogel
I Just Worry About The Kids Rosalie Silverstein OAM
Remembering My Parents Ruth Waisberg
My Parent’s Story Sonia Palmer
Meet My Family Tami Olsha
A Girl From Bielitz Vera Finkel
A Fulfilling Life Vera Lenard
Learning To Love Diamonds Willi Eckstein
Hebrew, A Language In Crisis Yehuda Kaplan
A Latvian Soldier’s Story Zalman Plotke
For My Parents Zev Degen