The Sam and Rita Kras Collection

In 1967, amidst the tension and triumph of the Six-Day War in Israel, a momentous collection of newspapers and publications bore witness to the unfolding events. These newspapers and magazines are now part of the new Sam and Rita Kras Collection.

The collection is a unique testament to the dedication and passion of its custodian, Sam Kras, a Holocaust survivor whose advocacy for the State of Israel resonated throughout his life. As fervent admirers of Israel’s achievements since its independence, Sam and Rita visited Israel many times, immersing themselves in its culture, spirit, and struggles.

During the pivotal moments of June 1967, as Israel faced its greatest challenges and triumphs, Sam Kras diligently collected newspapers and publications documenting the nation’s journey. These artifacts are now preserved with pride at the library.

Following Sam’s passing in 2008, his cherished collection has been kept by his family, including his children Barry Kras, Alan Kras and Roslyn Levy, for whom these newspapers evoke memories of a pivotal time in history and a man whose spirit continues to inspire.

In honor of Sam and Rita’s enduring commitment, their family donated the collection to the library.