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The Write Your Story program is a significant cultural activity of Makor Publishing, based at the Lamm Jewish Library of Australia.  The program enables people to write and publish autobiographies.  It provides support at every level, from assistance with language, editorial advice, copy-editing and proof-reading through to manufacture and delivery.  Completed manuscripts may be in the form of photo-copied spiral-bound copies, or fully-designed books with photos in black and white or colour.

These memoirs are created primarily for the authors’ descendants.  Over half the memoirs published to date are Holocaust-related and written by the oldest surviving member of the family, thus preserving precious information about those who were murdered.  Makor is very possibly the largest publisher of Holocaust memoir in English in the world today.  We have authors who are third-generation Australians, but the majority are migrants or children of migrants.  These stories offer future generations unique insight into the migrant experience and how many of the communities most valuable institutions were created. One copy of each book is specially bound and entered into the Loti and Victor Smorgon Jewish Community Archive, which is housed at the library.

Manuscripts are created in the manner that best suits each author.  Some prefer to work alone with occasional guidance while others require the presence of an editor throughout the process to achieve the requisite standard.   A facilitator is present at the library from 2.00to 4.00 on Wednesdays at a cost of $11 or $7.70 concession, including GST.  Authors may also make private arrangements. For further information contact Lauren Joffe on 9272 5611.

Adele Hulse, coordinator of the program, has been working with Makor since 2000 and has edited many of the books.  Adele wrote a column for The Age newspaper for over twenty-five years, has published four books in her own right and another is being prepared for publication in the United States.

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