Becoming Celia

Lederman, Celia

The story of Häftling 46996.

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Glimpses of a warm and wonderful childhood, loving grandparents and her four siblings are all too brief in this harrowing story. Out of great love for her family and a desire for the truth,Celia has told of the full depths of human outrage that she experienced. Her account of a death march offers an enduring memorial for countless people whose bodies lined the roadsides. She will not let us forget.

Celia’s early years in Australia held many hardships, despite her joy of being reunited with one brother who had survived.  Celia married, had two daughters and worked tirelessly to build a life for her family in Melbourne. Her honesty, natural intelligence and exceptional energy led to her becoming the inspiring manager at a Montefiore Home kitchen, with far-reaching benefits for both patients and the organisation.

The young girl who was Häftling 46996 has eight grandchildren and five great-grandchildren and continues to serve her community with great warmth and humour.