Solomon, Geulah OAM : my life, my history, my legacy

Solomon, Geulah OAM


A Jewish-Australian Journey

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Knowing she had only months and then weeks to live, Geulah Solomon resolutely pressed on with recording both her life story and that of her ancestors as a lasting gift to the loving family she was soon to leave.

Commitment was the hallmark of Geulah’s life. Geulah centred hers around her family, women’s rights and the specific rights of Jewish women, social justice issues, her religion and her love of Israel.

Throughout her long teaching career, Geulah inspired many students to study in Israel and developed new programs in Jewish education. With her intellectual command, practised oratory and the force of her personal convictions, Geulah Solomon rightly held many positions of high honour within the Jewish and secular community.

She does indeed leave a lasting legacy