The Champions of my childhood

Goldrei, Naomi


Three year old Naomi was extracted from the ghetto by her mother’s nanny, who claimed the child as her own and hid her among her family in a country house.


In the autumn of 1943, three year old Naomi and her grandmother were evicted from their home in Sosnowiec in Western Poland and incarcerated in the nearby ghetto in Srodula. Within hours, one of ‘the champions of her childhood’ appeared – her beloved Niania, her mother’s old nanny. She claimed the child as her own and hid her in a farm belonging to an acquaintance of Naomi’s uncle Lutek. This family willingly became Naomi’s next champions, fully knowing how dangerous it was to harbour a Jewish child. The stalwart child and her loving champions deserve to be remembered by posterity. Gripping and memorable.