The Shoes of a foundling

van Rijsdijk, Mink


The story of a lost and entangled youth.

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On a dark September evening in 1942, Fietje Drukker dresses her little daughter Roosje in a double set of clothes, puts her in a pram and pushes her in the direction of Koninginneweg in Amsterdam.

As agreed with the underground, she places her daughter in the upstairs porch of number 9, rings the doorbell and walks home with the empty pram through the quiet streets, grieving for her lost child.

Roosje lands in the State Orphanage, where she is given the name Irma van Schinkel. The events that follow shape the story of a lost and entangled youth and of unresolved fears and sorrows.

During a long series of discussions between Roosje and the author, Mink van Rijsdijk, a base was laid for an honest and moving story. Mink recalls, ′I didn’t allow myself to make the story nicer or more dramatic; it was not to turn into my own story. I was only permitted to draw a straight line through the multiplicity of Roosje′s memories and I had to restrain my own thoughts and expressions in order to shape Roosje Drukker′s life story into book form.′