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A Family tale
From Europe to Israel and Australia.
Abish, Yona
Chaim Ajzen Remembers
The powerful and moving autobiographical account of a man who found a way to fight back.
Ajzen, Chaim
Hania's war
As gripping as a thriller and beautifully written.
Ajzner, Hania
Memories of ordinary people
In this memoir Kitia tells her own survival story, and draws unforgettable portraits of forgotten individuals, both from her life prior to the war and several concentration camps.
Altman, Kitia
Voices from the Melbourne Jewish Community
The seventh anthology and 138th title in the Write Your Story series.
Anthology - Makor Publishing
Voices from the Melbourne Jewish Community 2021
The 2021 Write Your Story Anthology.
Anthology - Makor Publishing
Anthology - Makor Publishing
The red carpet of love
A tale of commitment
Antman, Fred
A Tale of three cities
Berlin, Shanghai, Melbourne.
Antman, Fred
Recurring dreams
The story of Lenke's life : surviving the Nazi occupation of Hungary, migration to Australia and a touching love story.
Arnstein, Lenke
Run Henry run
Chemist, Legionnaire, Scout.
Barclay, Henry
Arnarf good f’r a Dalston Boy : An East End London Childhood
This is the story of Mel Barnett's childhood in London during WW2. Mel’s is a sunny story, told lightly and easily and filled with particular nostalgia for the music of the times.
Barnett, Mel
Full circle : the story of a chained woman
Abandoned by her husband, Doreen is considered Agunah, a 'chained' woman who can not remarry according to the Jewish Rabbinical court.
Beckwith, Doreen
A Full house
An autobiography of Sydney A.B. Benjamin, a book is full of fascinating anecdotes from his facinating and colourful life.
Benjamin, Sydney A.B
Bergman, Bella
My gypsy life.
Berguer, Gueña
Changing landscapes
The story of my formative years.
Birner, John
Sephardi narratives from Australia
Ancient traditions ruptured and reshaped
Bloom, Myer
The Five books of Boas : an autobiography
An informative and entertaining autobiography of Bernard A. Boas, OAM.
Boas, Bernard A., OAM
All alone
A young boy hiding in wartime Poland.
Borenstein, Henry
Starts and pauses
Ille's fascinating life offer us a unique look at Berlin in the 1930s, as well as her life in Johannesburg and Melbourne.
Buckner, Ille
Letters to my mother
A memoir, telling the story of Maria Censor's hardships, the loss of her family and her work with the Polish underground in a deeply felt account of her life up to the end of the war.
Censor, Maria
Noble is man
Kate Mendels & Leopold Herzberg, edited by Ursula Cher.
Cher, Ursula (editor), Mendels, Kate & Herzberg, Leopold
Who is Sylvia?
After the death of their father, Sylvia and her brother were sheltered from the Nazis by a nanny, were part of the Kindertransport to France and eventually managed to reunite with their mother in Australia.
Cherny, Sylvia
Solly’s Girl
A Memoir
Collins, Ros
The Long road to the lucky country
Leaving a difficult past to face an unknown future.
Cooper, Leo
Susie’s story
Surviving in Budapest.
Cymbalist, Susie
My Recollections of Holland
Only survivor of his family in Amsterdam
de Haan, Jozeph
Books, tanks and radios : stories from a family of survivors
A collection of stories. Through the eyes of Eidelson's parents we witness the tumultuous events of the mid-twentieth century taking place in Belarussian villages, the Warsaw Ghetto, Siberian gulags, Soviet communes and the Russian battlefield.
Eidelson, Meyer
Chinese exile : my years in Shanghai and Nanking 1938 to 1947
Escaping Berlin in 1938 Horst “Peter” Eisfelder's family moves to Shanghai. Horst's meticulous eye for detail and wonderful photographs will take you on a fascinating journey of the Jewish community and its exotic surroundings.
Eisfelder, Horst “Peter”
Chutzpe un Draystkayt
A teenager with chutzpah and tenacity in the Holocaust.
Ekstein, Elka
From There to Here
Vienna to Australia: My life as a pharmacist & family man
Engel, Harry
Choose life
An autobiography of Arnold, who's family lived in Bavaria for generations, alongside his Catholic neighbours, until the rise of the Nazi party changed everything. Arnold is an Auschwitz survivor who managed to reconstruct his life in Holland and Australia.
Erlanger, Arnold
A look back over my shoulder
Surviving Theresienstadt
Fabian, Garry
Feiglin, Aaron
Multiple Sclerosis – the trespasser
My story in prose and poetry.
Fischl, Erica
Cossacks, cockneys and colonials
A family saga, telling the story of Myra Fisher's family through the generations.
Fisher, Myra
Interesting times
Our journey from downtrodden to down under.
Fleiszig, Laszlo and Katalin
My story
From Bialystok to Brighton.
Flicker, Felix
Ursula's Story
Bialystock, Siberia, Melbourne - by Ursula Flicker OAM
Flicker, Ursula
Return to sweetness
From glorious Vienna to bitter years in Siberia
Freedman, Emmy & Lipshutz, Judy
Reluctant soldier
A Jewish partisan's story
Friedmann, Jakob
My mother’s child
An autobiography set in Traralgon and Melbourne. It is a story of out-of-home care and the effects of dislocation in childhood.
Gardner, Helen
Memoirs of a certain period in our lives
מעמוארן פון א געוויסן צייט אפשניט אין אונזער לעבן
Gersten, Dora
A Will to live
An autobiography detailing George's experiences during WW2, including the kindertransport, Gestapo prison and Auschwitz. This is an extraordinary story that captures George’s incredible life force and will to survive.
Ginzburg, George
Just think it never happened
A fascinating story of survival. Celine promised her mother to look after her little sister Paullette, and she does. Together, they wander across a dangerous war-blighted landscape of France during WW2.
Goldberg, Paulette
The Champions of my childhood
Three year old Naomi was extracted from the ghetto by her mother's nanny, who claimed the child as her own and hid her among her family in a country house.
Goldrei, Naomi
There will be a tomorrow
The story of Guta Goldstein's life as a Jewish child during the holocaust.
Goldstein, Guta
Bananas are not boomerangs
A child-survivor from Hamburg
Gottlieb-Drucker, Mathel
A Spoonful of soup and other stories
Gary Gray is a holocaust survivor who spent years in a concentration camp as a teenager. He began recording his war experiences in the form of short stories. They gained wide acclaim and have been published in various anthologies, magazines and newspapers. Now one book preserves these memorable stories for posterity.
Gray, Gary
Young years in old Europe
A reconstructed diary.
Grinberg, Sonia
Memories for the keeping
Six generations of a Ballarat Jewish family.
Grinblat, Estelle
Nachum Zalman Gurewicz : a life : as told by his son Shmuel Gurewicz
Nachum Zalman Gurewicz , born in imperial Russia, migrated to the safety of Australia in 1950. He was instrumental in establishing Lubavitch Chassidism (Chabad) and fostering its development in Australia.
Grinblat, Ian
Mr. G.
A memoir
Gurewicz, Shmuel
Such was life
An autobiography of Itzhak Gust, who rejected religious observance and embraced socialism, was involved in left-wing socialist politics in Melbourne as well as in the Soviet Union.
Gust, Itzhak
A Life journey
The blossoming of my family
Guttman, Peter
Lauferin : the runner of Birkenau
Luisa's story of courage and triumphant survival. As an eight year old girl in Warsaw during the Nazi occupation, her work as messenger in two concentration camps and her ‘wheeling and dealing’ ensured not only her own survival, but that of her mother too.
Haberfeld, Luisa
Second exodus : the autobiography of Mayer Harari
The autobiography of Mayer Harari
Harari, Mayer
The man who wasn’t there
Searching for Gerhard
Hearst, Susan
Hellen, Josef
Lucky again and again
A survivor from Michalovce
Hellinger, Elsa
Alien roots
A German Jewish girlhood : from belonging to exile.
Jacobs, Anne
Baghdad I remember
A story of growing up in the midst of a large family in Basra and Baghdad in the first half of the 20th Century.
Jawary, Sabiha
A survivor of the sinking of the Cap Arcona
Jolson, Leon
Memories from a foreign country
Growing up in Poland 1936-1958.
Kahan, Danny
In harmony with pen and pencil: Andy Factor
Andy Factor: His Life, His Drawings and His Music
Kaufman, Myra & Sacks, Elena
Tough kid
Surviving Siberia in style
Kay, David as told to Ian Grinblat
The Wheels of memory
Growing up with the war on my shoulders.
Kempler, Sonia
A trip down memory lane
Inspiration, Dedication, Perspiration
Kleid, Phillip
Tell it to the squirrels
A remarkable family, whose courage, love and solidarity guided them through the darkest of times.
Kolt, Judy
What the eye will see
: An Australian immigrant story.
Komesaroff, William
My dear Andrea and Andris
The story of Teri's survival, with her infant son, during WW2. Although this book is about grim times, the reader will find it anything but grim reading. It is an adventure story and a love story, peopled by a fascinating array of larger-than-life characters.
Korda, Teri
Saviours : the story of a Jewish altar boy
Smuggled into Belgium and placed in a children's home, Henri is pressured to convert to Catholicism. This vividly told story has two main themes: the war experiences of one young boy and his continuing struggle to define his identity.
Korn, Henri
Keeping the promise : memoirs of a war bride from Israel
born into a pioneering Zionist family and grew up in Eretz-Yisrael in the late twenties and thirties. After marrying an Australian soldier and moving to Melbourne, Mena dedicated her life in Melbourne to Jewish education.
Kozminsky-Meyerowitz, Mena
Snippets from my family album
Csepel Island to Caulfield.
Landau, Alice
Learmont, John
Becoming Celia
The story of Häftling 46996.
Lederman, Celia
I had nothing to lose
A life of ups and downs.
Lee, Des (Lévi, Dezsö)
New beginnings
From Japanese prison camps to Aliyah
Lehrer, Shoshanna
Memoirs and reflections
With Humanity, passion and wry humour Helen tells the story of her survival, after being take from her family by the SS at the age of fourteen.
Leperere, Helen
My heart’s journey
A Hungarian-Australian story
Levy, Magda
A Boy from Bedzin
The last Jewish survivor of the small fortress at Terezin.
Lewkowicz, Berek
A 20th century Jewish life
A survivor from Hamburg
Lissauer, Mark
Blessings and curses
A life remembered.
Loven, Shoshana
Makor Publishing
Memory guide my hand – Volume 3 (Makor Publishing)
This diverse collection of thirty autobiographical stories from the Melbourne Jewish community adds a human face to the history books.
Makor Publishing
Memory Guide My Hand - Volume 1 (Makor Publishing)
An anthology of autobiographical writings by members of the Melbourne Jewish community, 1998
Makor Publishing
“Memory Guide My Hand”: Volume 4 (Makor Publishing)
An Anthology of life stories by members of the Melbourne Jewish Community from the former Soviet Union.
Makor Publishing
Memory Guide My Hand” : Volume 5 (Makor Publishing)
The 2nd anthology of life stories by members of the Melbourne Jewish Community from the former Soviet Union.
Makor Publishing
Memory guide my hand” : Volume 6 (Makor Publishing)
Personal stories of life in Israel by current and former members of the Melbourne Jewish community.
Makor Publishing
Echoes from the past : the Rifka Norman story
The story of Rifka Norman and her journey, following her father out of Vilno ghetto and into the unknown.
Mandelbaum, Rae
A Patchwork life
Eva and her family, who tried to escape the Nazis in Vienna, are sent to Novosibirsk, to spent six years in the Siberian Gulag.
Marks, Eva
Searching for yesterday : a photographic essay about my mother, a Holocaust survivor
A story of courage in the face of despair and of hope where hope is all but gone. A photographic essay compiled with love by Helen Max.
Max, Helen
From the Danube to the Yarra
Trude’s story is about far more than her war years
Mayer Aldor, Gertrude
A Lucky human being
An incredible story of survival.
Mayer, Hania
Hard memories
Surviving Auschwitz-Birkenau.
Milder, Marie
Behind the fence
Lebanon 2006
Morris, Danny
Carlton and other love stories
An account of a rich and vibrant era in the history of Melbourne’s Jewish community.
Morris, Moshe
A Life reclaimed
A child among the partisans.
Olenski, Luba
The Opat-Mecoles story
A gift from my archives.
Opat, Ken
As chance would have it
From Jena to Melbourne
Pampel, Margot with her daughter Felicity Zwarf
This is my life
From Ruske Pole with love.
Parush, Eva
Just call me Harry
Growing up in a Dutch village.
Philips, Hartog (Harry)
How I climbed back to life
The story of a Hungarian Holocaust survivor
Preston, Edith
No locked doors : Jewish life in Shepparton
Shirley gives a description of her life in the close-knit Jewish community of Shepparton which is full of historic interest.
Randles, Shirley
Spared for a purpose
The music lives on.
Reichman, Mara
More than nine lives
The story of Kathy's miraculous escapes and extraordinary courage, surviving Auschwitz, migrating to Israel to join the Hagannah and finally migrating to Australia with her family.
Reisman, Kathy
Stepping into life
his book consists of parallel stories by a husband and wife, describing their lives in Poland, their survival during the holocaust and the 'new beginning' in Melbourne.
Robin, Moshe and Stefa
The Family Rogowoj
A tale of struggle, courage and love
Rogowoj, Shaul
Serry and me : Kindertransport and beyond
A memoir of a child who was part of the Kindertransport -  seperated from her family and sent to England during WW2 , to live with an English family.
Rosenberg, Elfie
The Bells tolls for thee and other short stories
Maurie Rosner has created a set of nostalgic stories that bring to life the Australia of the ‘40s and ‘50s. They tell of a young Jewish boy who is eager to become the great Aussie bloke.
Rosner, Maurie
The Sum of three
Rutka, Jadzia, Rita
Ross, Rita
Rotblat, Zev
An Intricate collage
A memoir describing the German Jewish experience prior to WW2 and her life after she escaped to Australia, alone, aged nineteen.
Roth, Marianne
Wolf : surviving by art
After escaping from Poland to Russia in 1939, Wolf Rubin managed to support himself and survive using his artistic talent.
Rubin, Wolf
Stormy weather
She survived the war in the city, living through horror, fear and hunger.
Sandy, Kitty
Pola’s Story
She survives Siberia but cannot find her husband.
Schimmel, Marilyn with her sisters, Annette and Sharon
The Porcelain Doll
An autobiography by Vera Schreiber, describing her childhood in Bergen- Belsen and her life after being released from the infamous death camp.
Schreiber, Vera
Under red skies : dreams and reality
The author and his wife, young communist idealists, crossed illegally into the Soviet Union. Instead of the expected 'workers paradise' they face prison camps and exile.
Schwartz, Schmul
Memory’s wings and apron strings
A Melbourne story that brings to life the Carlton of the thirties and forties through the eyes of an Australian Jewish girl.
Searle, Freda
Made in Australia
Memories of an Australian Jewish family
Segal, Miriam
Escape to Les Vignes
A childhood in Nazi-occupied France.
Sharpe, Annita
My Beautiful Family
Remembered by the sole survivor
Shulkin, Leon
My story
The story of Lily Skall and her family escaping the Nazi occupation from Vienna to Shanghai and eventually to Melbourne.
Skall, Lily
The Colours of Life
Living blind
Skurnik, Lilly
Solomon, Geulah OAM
Born alone - for the best marriage in the world
The story of a Romanian Holocaust survivor
Sommer, Rachel Michelle
Trude’s story
A journey from Vienna via Shanghai to Melbourne
Speiser, Gertrude
My life
Surviving in Russia.
Steinbok, Fela
The Max Factor
My Life as a stamp dealer
Stern, Max
My stamp on life
Max Stern lost his family in Auschwitz, survived Lichtenrade concentration camp and went back to Czechoslovakia to regain his stamp dealing business.
Stern, Max AM
Born to survive
A long journey to freedom
Stone, Nina
Half a century in general practice.
Szego, Eva
Out of the ashes
How I survived Lodz Ghetto, Auschwitz-Birkenau and Torgau Lager in Germany.
Tauber, Tova
The First of forty families : bringing my tree and forest to life (Tess Schwarz / nee Tessie Hain)
Escaping from the pogroms in Russia in the early 1900s, Tess Schwarz’s great aunt and uncle settled in Melbourne and were responsible for bringing forty related families to Melbourne, the first being author’s parents.
Tess Schwarz
Through coloured glass
Reflections on my changing world.
Urbach, Eva
The Shoes of a foundling
The story of a lost and entangled youth.
van Rijsdijk, Mink
In the lion’s den
Subverting the Nazis from within Westerbork Transit Camp 1942–1945.
Vanas, Adrian
People and places in war and peace
Bridge-building across human divides.
Wagowska, Halina
Wirth, Miklos & Lilian
A Ballad by Johannes Brahms
A journey to understand a childhood in Vienna shattered by Nazism *If we are out of stock, please email us at as we may have second-hand copies or may be able to order more from the author
Wright, Suzanne
My Battle for Survival : from Mlyny to Melbourne
The story of Godel Wroby's survival. From rural Poland, through the horrors of Lodz Ghetto,  Buchenwald, Schlieben and Theresienstadt to Melbourne.
Wroby, Godel
Like Streams in the Negev
The author’s lyrical recollection of childhood and teenage years accompanied by family history.
Zimmerman, Susan Sara Feiga
Swimming under water
saga of their survival in the Second World War with false identity papers. A beautifully-written tribute to the courage of one family and the humanity of the people who helped them
Zylberman, Halina